The Many Benefits Of Using Solotica Contacts

With over 60 years of experience in the contact lens and ophthalmic product industry, Solotica contacts are a leading provider of both prescription and non-prescription colored contacts. What started as a small operation in San Paulo, Brazil has expanded into one of the biggest names in colored contacts. As the first and largest contact lens manufacturer in Brazil, the company continues to provide innovative products with an emphasis on quality and comfort.

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing eye color or change the look of your eyes completely, Solotica colored contacts offers innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals. Many of the most popular models feature borderless designs, high-quality hydrogel materials, exceptional comfort and long lasting durability.

These fresh look contacts are not your standard colored contacts. Available in four major lines, these contacts are virtually unnoticeable from any distance. No one will ever know that you are wearing them. This allows you to wear your Solotica contacts with confidence.

Popular Models

Popular Solotica contacts models include:

  • Solotica Hidrocor
  • Solotica Hidrocharme
  • Solotica Summer Hydro
  • Solotica Hydroblue

Best of all, these lenses are rated for up to one year of wear. This means you can count on your Solotica contacts to provide outstanding benefits and comfort. Simply store you contacts in cleaning solution when you do not plan to wear them.

Seven different pigments make it easy to find the perfect Solotica contacts for your needs and complexion. For a natural look, Solotica contacts ice grey models are highly rated. For a bolder appearance, consider the Hidrocharme series. For a truly one of a kind look, the Summer Hydro line features geographical shapes and vibrant colors that are sure to turn heads.

Solotica Hidrocor Series

The Solotica hidrocor series of contacts has a reputation of being some of the most realistic looking colored contacts available. These are available in a variety of colors and prescription strengths. Popular colors include:

  • Solotica hidrocor ice contacts
  • Solotica hidrocor mel contacts
  • Solotica hidrocor ocre contacts
  • Solotica hidrocor azul contacts

Maintenance Tips

Caring for your Solotica contacts is similar to caring for any soft contact lens. These tips will help to ensure long lasting comfort and maximize the life of your contacts:

  • Always place your contacts in a clean carrying case when not in use. Floating the contacts in a small amount of cleaning solution will help to keep the hydrogel lenses soft, pliable and clean.
  • Clean your Solotica contacts daily. Simply place the contacts into a few pool of cleaning solution and rub them lightly between your fingertips. Care should be taken to wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your contacts to prevent contaminating the cleaning solution.
  • Remove your lenses after approximately eight hours of use. Many reviews state that these contacts will start to dry and cause irritation after about eight hours of continual wear. To help increase comfort, soak your contacts every eight hours if possible. This also means it is recommended to remove your contacts prior to sleeping.

With the tips above, you can be assured to get the maximum comfort from these magnificent contact lenses.